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Business Agility

Automate repetitive tasks, gain valuable insights and make smarter decisions with our AI solutions.

LLMs: We implement generative AI models to improve your company's internal processes. These models use your company's knowledge base, providing accurate and reliable results

Computer Vision We develop neural networks specialized in image processing to optimize your operations, from scanning documents to extracting crucial information and verifying signatures

Pattern Analysis Based on historical data and the identification of patterns, we automate critical tasks such as fraud detection, risk profile analysis and the calculation of compensation payments

Automate repetitive tasks, gain valuable insights and make smarter decisions with our AI solutions.

Our flexible approach caters for both strategic robotization in line with corporate principles and specific initiatives by functional units. Our structure is built on three fundamental pillars:


We adopt the Blue Prism platform, a pioneering leader in RPA recognized as the premium solution by the market.

Service Model

We have adopted the Robotic Operating Model© developed by Blue Prism, a model that offers guidance on the operation and management of a digital workforce.

Cloud infrastructure

Our architecture was designed with a focus on high availability, reliability and scalability, ensuring that your operations run efficiently and securely.

Establish an adaptable culture with an AMO that centralizes practices and guides your company's agile transformation.

We take care of the governance of all Squads (agile development teams) to guarantee our best practices.

Respecting each client's culture, we mentor the Squads, generating essential indicators for management and continuous improvement:

  • Capacity: Evaluates gains in maturity and regularity.
  • Predictability: Ensures a medium and long-term view of deliveries.
  • Quality: Effort diverted to correcting errors.
  • Velocity: Measures the speed of deliveries.


  • Setup and Stabilization Respects the Squad's learning curve and keeps the client's expectations aligned
  • Sprints and flexible teams Focus on Discovery and/or Delivery. Team size and profiles adjusted in conjunction with the client.
  • Elumini Delivery Guarantee We complement the team's capacity to fulfill the Squad's planning.

Create intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use processes for all teams, increasing the adoption of agile practices.

Our solutions are designed with a focus on the people capable of transforming your business:

  • Interviews with users to map opportunities.
  • Quantitative research based on data analysis.
  • Application of Design Thinking to design solutions.
  • Prototyping solutions and designing interfaces.
  • Usability testing.
  • Analytical monitoring of user behavior.
  • Heuristic evaluation of solutions for improvement plans.
  • Production of MVPs to validate hypotheses.

Create applications quickly and without the need for extensive coding, freeing up your team for strategic tasks.

  • Improved delivery speed or cost.
  • Rapid developments that bring big gains to the business.
  • Modernization of legacy systems.
  • Creation of applications and process facilitators in various sectors.
  • Automation of forms and spreadsheets, two-factor approval, process triggering, creation of internal applications and data and information tracking.

Software Engineering


Innovation: Data drives the development of new products and services, allowing companies to anticipate trends and meet emerging customer needs proactively.

Strategic Decision: Data analysis provides valuable insights that support strategic decisions, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities.

Operational Efficiency: The application of data allows processes to be optimized, reducing costs and increasing productivity by identifying inefficiencies and automating repetitive tasks.

Customer Experience: Data-driven analysis of customer behavior and preferences helps companies personalize their offers and communications, significantly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Risk Management: Using data for proactive monitoring and analysis helps with fraud prevention and regulatory compliance, protecting both the company and its customers.


  • Development of systems or applications for any device.
  • Development of systems or applications in any Stack.
  • Modernization or improvement of software.
  • Improvement of performance, security or usability (UX).
  • Software support, correction or maintenance.
  • Stack or database migrations.

Process and Project Management

Project, Program and Portfolio Management Hub

More than 15 years' experience, with a track record of constant innovation and commitment to excellence

  • Project Office with more than 500 completed projects.
  • More than 200 Project Managers trained in various business areas.
  • Our own management methods, guided by PMBOK, PRINCE2® and SCRUM.
  • Knowledge base with tools, templates and accelerators.
  • ISO 9001 certification for over 10 years.
  • Waterfall and Agile models.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Invest in the continuous improvement and optimization of your company's business processes. 

We adapt our expertise to your company's needs, with a full range of delivery models

Outsourcing of Professionals

Agile Team Outsourcing

Agile Project Development

Ad-hoc Consulting


Proprietary e-recruitment solution that enables us to quickly find the best IT professionals anywhere in the world.


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